In keeping with every Schwarz Etienne collection which dually bears the name and explores the soul of a city, the Roma Manufacture series draws its essence from the most eternal aspects of a great city and its thousands of years of history. This classic heritage, and distinct elegance, shapes every timepiece in the collection. The pure lines of the Roma Manufacture collection lend it a strength and presence that transcend time.

United by their timeless beauty, the eleven timepieces that constitute the collection, featuring Small Second, Power Reserve and GMT variations, are manufactured entirely by the La Chaux-de-Fonds based watch manufacturer Schwarz Etienne.

The purity and simplicity of the lines; the discreet grained effect that dresses each dial subtly drawing admiration without distracting attention; the balance of material precision and volumes as well as the vivid linings of the alligator bracelets are all distinct marks which beautifully showcase Schwarz Etienne’s unique savoir-faire.

Equipped either with manual MSE movement – of which 95% of the components derive from Schwarz Etienne workshops – the timepieces of this refined collection showcase time in a rarefied manner. Whether MSE fuse reliability, precision and aesthetic finesse.
The two models are all beautifully crafted. The Roma Manufacture Power Reserve comes with hours, minutes, small seconds at 6 o'clock and a power reserve indic ator at 2 o'clock. The steel cases perfectly complement the black or silver dials. This timepiece possesses a four-day power reserve.

In the form of the Small Second variation, the Roma is elegance defined, and while discreet, loses none of its alluring seduction. The small seconds reside at 6 o'clock, offering meticulous precision of the time that passes.

Simplicity in its truest form, and a poignant homage to eternity.