Roswell Voyage

Roswell Voyage

It started with the determination to master all the secrets of a watch movement, of charting the uncharted. In order to surprise and go further, Schwarz Etienne de ed gravity to push back the limits of exceptional watchmaking.


Schwarz Etienne watchmakers still believe that we can begin a second millennium by reaching new galaxies, to create timepieces of an in nite precision, with innovative and unique contours, inviting to a passionate voyage beyond the norm. Watches that enclose within both the fascinating secrets of age-old know-how and the most mysterious aspirations of those who wear it.

It started with a grain that escaped from an hourglass to form stars in the eyes of these passionate creators. And the hopes for a unique and authentic movement, which would showcase their talent and audacity. The hopes for an adventure beyond the dream that would break through the creative and knowledge barriers.

It started with a seed of folly, too great to keep enclosed and con fined in a watch dial.

After presenting their new movement and a new range of timepieces in 2015, the Schwarz Etienne today presents the Roswell Voyage. The invasion has begun. And, as always, two letters –SE – suffice to recognise them.


Have you perchance spotted a strange light in the dark of night, above the most famous Swiss peak? A majestic vessel enclosing the most precious of secrets? Roswell is amongst us. After a first successful landing at Baselworld 2015, Manufacture Schwarz Etienne’s latest creation, the Voyage version, crossed time and space in just a year to reach the most daring a cionados. Because the Roswell is more than just a watch – this collection is an invitation to break the mould.

The second model of a series that is certain to last, the Roswell Voyage braved the elements, the cold, and the snow; the tale of its adventures nestled within. For, in its heart in a hermetically sealed capsule, this exceptional timepiece holds a fragment of the most emblematic of Swiss mountains. The Roswell Voyage thus carries with it a real piece of the land of watchmaking, which it bestows upon its holder like a secret that must be kept.

With the launch of its Roswell collection, Schwarz Etienne beckoned the beholder to discover a new universe. It is now time to continue the journey into the heart of the mountains.


The Roswell Voyage is a re ned timepiece with an innovative design, which fosters its di erence and originality. In a waterproof and hermetically sealed capsule below the calibre, this watch guards a fragment of rock that has been carved from the most famous peak of the Swiss Alps. This stone rests delicately on a sky-blue background, where a setting moon lyrically illuminates the amazing landscapes. And when the heavenly bodies give way, the capsules seize the memories.

The Roswell Voyage safeguards its journey in an immediately recognisable 45mm steel case, with a slightly convex anti-re ective sapphire that crowns a novel manufactured movement, the ISE – Irreversible Schwarz Etienne. This reversed movement, visible through a large dial opening, offers a plunging view into the heart of the mechanism, and a glimpse of the micro-rotor and balance wheel decorated with the SE logo, developed by and for the Manufacture Schwarz Etienne. The particularity of this model also lies in the laser-cut oscillating-weight cover, which features the silhouette of the more than 4000-meter high mountain.

Its black dial adorned with rhodium-plated applied Roman-numeral indices, is enhanced by a sunray brushing spiralling outwards from the small second at 11 o’clock to fully cover the dial, like a sunrise behind the rocky outcrop. Thus, when the sun rises and the moon sets, a perpetual dialogue is initiated between their visible and hidden sides. The designers at Schwarz Etienne have cleverly combined materials and shapes to adorn this voyage with a rare elegance.

Horns with recessed angles, cut to emphasise the majesty of the crown, imprint a new dimension upon this exceptional watch. Contrasting with the intentionally rounded lines of the case, they guarantee recognition at first sight. These curves will seduce the most audacious, those who do not fear reaching for the mountain summits in the vault of the sky.

The black top stitched alligator strap also holds a nice surprise in store. Sober in colour, it gracefully complements the case. But a fiery colour brings vitality to the ipside: the underside of the strap is dressed in an intense blue.

In a presentation-case without equal, the Roswell Voyage will hold onto its secrets until it lands. Borrowingshape and colour from the world of flying saucers such as those imagined at the dawn of space travel, the Roswell Voyage is revealed inside its vessel. Fashioned from brushed steel, this case is a first hint of the journey that the latest creation of Schwarz Etienne will embark on.


In 2015, the ISE – Irreversible Schwarz Etienne calibre presented the new look for the watchmaker from La Chaux-de-Fonds. Like passing time, and life ticking away, the reversal of the movement is irreversible and gives new momentum to the path that the Manufacture Schwarz Etienne is taking today.

The ISE was designed around the manufacture ASE – Automatic Schwarz Etienne movement, like an extension of it. Inverted, the self-winding mechanical movement allows some of the subtle workings of the mechanism, such as the decentred micro-rotor at 9 o’clock, small seconds o set at 11 o’clock, the escapement and the balance bridge to be exposed. A large frame opening brings to life the calibre and its components.

The exclusive ASE calibre had been conceived with a multifunctional approach and a practical logic. It has a 4-day power reserve. Among its innovative features, it includes an off-centre micro-rotor, which is found on the ISE. It is an unusual complication, as it requires a highly complex development process. This departure from a traditional centred model gives an enhanced view of the mechanism, which is usually obscured by the rotor. But the ISE – Irreversible Schwarz Etienne does not fully reveal itself; the Roswell maintains a small air of mystery.

The cover of the micro-rotor’s oscillating- weight is personalised. Laser-cut, it echoes the pro le of the famous Swiss mountain’s distinctive north face. Finally, the centre of the balance is elegantly adorned with the initials of the manufacture SE – a technical prowess bearing witness to the expertise of the Schwarz Etienne watchmakers.


The Roswell Voyage has criss-crossed Switzerland, over own the peaks and braved the dangers of the mountains to return rich with unforgettable souvenirs. The elements unleashed their fury, yet the agship from the manufacturer in La Chaux- de-Fonds never faltered. It harnessed the raging elements to give this timepiece its bold energy, this outburst contained in the ice and in the rocks. And it brought with it a trace of its passage, so that each owner can carry with him a fragment of the cradle of watchmaking.

The Roswell is thus destined for a very long voyage. This rst adventure carried it to the peaks, but this timepiece offers the ability to explore endless possibilities. Its protected capsule alludes to the numerous destinations that it could visit, from the most distant to the most intimate. All that remains is for you to board...